We are Evolve Movement.

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A dynamic foundation for development and creativity


Our team is made up of skilled instructors, therapists, and administrators. Each of us helps build the foundation for the growth and success of the studio as a whole, making space for our teachers’ vision and passion. If you’re interested in joining us at Evolve, we welcome you to read more about who we are and contact us via the application form below.


The Evolve Team


Management Philosophy

Self-managed, teacher-led culture


Just as we seek personal evolution through movement and mindfulness, we also strive to create a new organizational model that supports everyone within it. At Evolve, our team functions as a “holacracy,” or an organization that trades traditional hierarchy for a model that distributes authority in a more equitable way. Every member of our staff demonstrates leadership and holds decision making power within a system that depends upon transparency and trust. Everyone is personally invested in, and accountable for, the success of our studio and our community. 

Our programming is teacher-led through self-management groups, which are made up of instructors of common techniques, styles, and demographics. All instructors take part in these groups. As we continue to explore and refine our management practices, we’re inspired by Frederic Laloux’s book Reinventing Organizations, which introduces the concept of a “teal organization” - that is, one that exists for a purpose in and of itself, instead of simply working to achieve the goals of upper management. 

As a teacher-led, self-managed studio, Evolve’s culture is defined by our instructors. They’re committed to: 

  • Transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth

  • Working together to support each other’s unique interests and contributions

  • Affirming each other as leaders, grounded in their truth

  • Showing up and doing their best as skillful practitioners

  • Honoring the therapeutic needs of their clients

As a teaching collective, Evolve promises our clients: 

  • Committed teachers with expertise in multiple movement techniques

  • Support for all ages, abilities, and injuries

  • Growing our clients’ knowledge and independence through our curriculum-based classes

  • Teacher training options

  • Holistic enrichment through community-oriented programming

  • An inspiring environment, coupled with exceptional professionalism and the highest level of client service

  • Teachers who are invested in, and responsible for, creating an unparalleled client experience

At Evolve, we value the feedback of all clients, staff, and instructors. We’re proud that our self-management model gives teachers the opportunity to offer their wisdom and perspective not only in the classroom, but throughout our organization. 



Join the Team

We look for positive, empowering people.

At Evolve, we support each other as a self-managed collective. We work together to help our clients find their unique path to wellness: our instructors cross-train to practice more than one movement modality, and every member of our team works to foster client autonomy. We create momentum for the studio, strengthening its identity and pushing for evolution.

Sound like a fit for you? Please fill out the form below. We look forward to learning more about you.

What we look for: 

  • A self-starting attitude

  • A mindset that seeks positive impact

  • Interest in exploring multiple movement modalities

  • A deep love for the craft of our practice

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