Styles of Practice





Evolve offers four main styles of yoga instruction, with options for all experience levels. Within each style, there are many variations that offer a specific focus or intention; please see specific class descriptions in our online schedule to learn more about what a particular class has in store for you.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Vinyasa, which means “to place in a special way,” leads practitioners through a series of asanas, or poses, in a naturally unfolding progression that flows with the rhythm of their breath. With roots in the Ashtanga tradition, Vinyasa Flow practice styles are physically rigorous and spiritually uplifting. Vinyasa Flow incorporates Energetic Alignment principles designed to leave you both grounded and empowered. Cultivating your ability to flow on your yoga mat will inspire you to move more gracefully through the rest of your life!

Alignment-Based Yoga


Rooted in the Iyengar tradition, our Alignment-based yoga classes invite you to dive deep into various facets of yoga, offering an opportunity to explore breath work, meditation, yogic philosophy, and intentional movement. As we cultivate an understanding of the posture system, we create space for self-inquiry and feedback-based learning. You’ll encounter all genres of poses - standing, inversions, hip-openers, hand balances, backbends, twists, and forward folds - as you develop your own internal guidance. Come with an open mind; leave with an open heart and new appreciation of your own potential, on and off the mat. 

Gentle + Supported Yoga


Our Gentle Yoga offerings use a variety of props - a chair, the wall, blocks, bolsters, and blankets - to help students at all ability levels enjoy a wide spectrum of movement. These classes are perfect for beginners, active seniors, those rehabilitating post-surgery or with a preexisting medical condition, pregnant women, or anyone who desires a bit more support in their yoga practice. Our instructors will happily suggest adjustments for specific needs. 

Restorative Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation


Our Restorative Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation practices provide tools to help you cultivate awareness of the present moment. Restorative Yoga offers space and time to explore specific postures; as we settle into a pose for several minutes, we can mindfully explore the responses of our breath and physical sensations. It’s a practice that is both physically rejuvenating  and deeply relaxing. Mindfulness Meditation builds the foundation for an ongoing meditation practice that will help you improve concentration and focus, leading to a sense of greater well-being and compassion as you move through the world.